Bringing food production closer to home

cubicFarms grow system


Dave Dinesen, CEO of CubicFarms, believes that we are experiencing a global crisis in food security and that technology is necessary to feed the growing global population. CubicFarm Systems Corp. is a local chain agtech company headquartered in British Columbia, Canada. The company specializes in the development of fully automated indoor growing technologies for commercial-scale operations. 

Local chain agtech will provide more food independence than long supply chains, which have seen more disruption during the ongoing global pandemic. Technology allows growers to eliminate human error, provide more consistency and bring food production closer to the consumers. Taking dairy farming as an example, the adoption of automated milking technologies has significantly improved the efficiency of milking operations. Similarly, automated plant production allows growers to eliminate the guesswork, reduce labor costs, and improve the quality and affordability of products.

“Technology-enabled food production can help produce a reliable supply of food, but also to keep costs down. If you can localize food production and have technology help keep costs in check, it keeps healthy local food affordable,” says Dave. 

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