Barclays launch Eagle Lab Farm to boost future of UK agriculture

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BACK TO NEWS “The resources on offer at the Eagle Lab Farm include a dedicated robotics lab, a demonstration packhouse and a model refrigerated supermarket aisle available for the entrepreneurs and researchers. The Riseholme campus also features traditional test and growing areas, including soft fruit and crop growing facilities” — …

BrightFarms Raised $100M Series E for its Indoor Farms

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BACK TO NEWS “BrightFarms has raised a $100 million Series E round of funding for its indoor farms, Food Navigator reported yesterday. The round was led by Cox Enterprises, with participation from Catalyst Investors, and brings the total amount raised by BrightFarms to nearly $213 million.” — The Spoon READ …

Two Growtainers Head to Alabama with Contain Funding

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BACK TO NEWS Contain vendor Growtainers recently celebrated shipping two of its container farms to a customer in Alabama. Two Growtainers® to Alabama with funding from #Contain. One is for Mushroom Production and one is for leafy greens. Great transaction, great project. — Growtainers (@growtainers) October 16, 2020

Revol Greens raises $68M to build an 80-acre lettuce greenhouse

BACK TO NEWS “Minnesota-based greenhouse grower Revol Greens raised $68 million in a funding round led by Equilibrium Capital, according to a press release. This capital infusion brings the company’s total funding to $215 million” — FoodDive READ MORE AT FOODDIVE

Investors perception: “Cute millennials with a container farm”

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BACK TO NEWS “Most investors live in a rule-based world so they have to fulfill a series of criteria in order to sign a lease. A lot of indoor farmers don’t look like what they’ve seen before.” — Nicola Kerslake, Contain Founder, HortiDaily READ MORE AT HORTIDAILY

Funding the Indoor AgTech Space

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BACK TO NEWS “Lenders don’t work like equity investors or like private investors. They have checklists and black boxes that they use and you are not going to be able to charm them, or impress them with your vision, into committing earlier.” — Nicola Kerslake, Contain Founder, Vertical Farm Podcast …