Insect farming startup raises $9.3M, builds North America’s largest mealworm facility east of Seattle



“Beta Hatch is planning to grow more than insects east of Seattle in Cashmere, Wash. The 5-year-old startup is growing its entire operation and in the process has raised $9.3 million in new funding, the company announced Friday.

Founder and CEO Virginia Emery, a PhD entomologist and her team of “insect entrepreneurs,” have been working on a plan to revolutionize the animal feed business out of a facility in SeaTac, Wash., south of Seattle. The new funds will help Beta Hatch complete construction on a 42,000-square-foot flagship facility in Cashmere, a small city in Chelan County, Wash., that is known for its fruit packing and processing industry.

Beta Hatch is converting one third of a building which was previously a juice factory, transitioning the space to a hatchery in a hub-and-spoke operating model and creating the largest mealworm production facility in North America. The plan is to have hatchery facilities (hubs) produce eggs and ranching facilities (spokes) grow product.”

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Featured image courtesy of Beta Hatch

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