Submit Your Insurance Data

Indoor agriculture doesn’t currently have a workers comp class code, the code that is used to help to determine workers comp rates for a given activity.  In turn, this means that indoor growers are often forced to use workers comp codes that don’t reflect the benefits and risks that are specific to indoor growing.

Contain Inc. is working with leading regional insurance broker InterWest to rectify this, and an important part of the endeavor is to gather as much data on indoor growers’ workers comp experiences as possible to build a case for an indoor-ag specific class.  This is something that will benefit the entire industry, and it’s likely to be a long term project as we’ll need to gather several years’ worth of data before we can successfully make a case.  But, the sooner we start on the effort, the sooner we will have results!

We are looking for up to five years’ information on the following:
-the kinds of workers comp claims you’ve had, if any
-your number of employees or total payroll amount
-your farm structure; greenhouse, warehouse, container or other
-the state in which you farm
-the crops that you’re growing

Any subset of this information is helpful also, whether that’s one year’s data or partial claims information.  For clarity, please don’t share any information that would identify your employees in any way!

We can accept this in Word or Excel document, or in PDF form.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the indoor agriculture industry.

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