There is abundant liquidity but a lack of solid business cases

Jobbe Jorna

“I come across many vertical farming concepts. There are some very interesting developments going on in the market. Especially for investors, because vertical farming is future-focused,” says Jobbe Jorna, Founder and Managing Partner at Upstream Capital. The Amsterdam-based organization advisory boutique is specialized in helping companies realize their full potential …

2020’s Indoor Farm Venture Capital Bonanza

In the face of a dismal year, indoor agriculture saw record fundraising from venture capital and other private investors in 2020. The industry raised US$565mm in 2020.  This figure excludes several notable rounds where the amounts raised were not publicly disclosed.  New Jersey-based vertical farmer AeroFarms was one of four …

Vertical farms are not going to create venture level returns

Sonia Lo

“There is a theory that we have enough food and produce enough food on the planet to feed 10 billion people. The problem is that people don’t know where to put it at what time. I think that the technology that we can bring to bear is all about growing …

CubicFarms announces $15,000,000 equity financing to support global growth


“Dave Dinesen, CubicFarms’ CEO comments, “We believe that food security is in a global crisis, and COVID-19 has certainly accelerated this crisis. CubicFarms ag-tech solutions can help break this cycle of long global food supply chains, which would allow local chain agriculture to take place nearby where food is consumed. …

What COVID means for indoor ag lending

BACK TO NEWS “This year has been strange for everyone, and lenders are no different. They live in a world of rules, and stats and data. And there’s almost no way to account for a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic in that world view” — Vertical Farm Daily READ MORE AT VERTICAL FARM …

80 Acres Farms raises funding round led by Barclays


BACK TO NEWS “80 Acres Farms added Barclays as a strategic investor in the business, joining Virgo Investments, Orange Wings Capital, QuietStar Capital, and other family office investors.” — HortiDaily READ MORE AT HORTIDAILY

The future of food: Meatless?

iphone in hand

BACK TO NEWS “Plant-based “meat” is all the rage. But is it just a fad? In this edition, The Next Normal peers into the future of meat and protein consumption.” — McKinsey Institute READ MORE AT MCKINSEY INSTITUTE

Investors perception: “Cute millennials with a container farm”

contain hand sanitizer

BACK TO NEWS “Most investors live in a rule-based world so they have to fulfill a series of criteria in order to sign a lease. A lot of indoor farmers don’t look like what they’ve seen before.” — Nicola Kerslake, Contain Founder, HortiDaily READ MORE AT HORTIDAILY