Apply for Leasing

Contain offers a service to apply for leasing tailored for indoor growers, encompassing a range of agricultural settings from small hoophouses to sophisticated greenhouses and vertical farms.  We support a wide range of indoor farming ventures, accommodating different scales and types of operations, from startups to multi-generational businesses planning multi-site expansions.  Our minimum lease amount is typically around $50,000, with no specified upper limit.  Our process is designed to be straightforward and accommodating to a diverse clientele.  We can usually be of most help to you once you have identified the type of equipment that you intend using, check out our vendor showcase for some great options.

Here’s how to apply for leasing through Contain:

  1. Initial Inquiry: Start by using the form below to provide some basic information about your situation, allowing Contain to understand your farm and needs better. 
  2. Application and Matching with Lenders: After an initial call, those interested in proceeding can fill out a free application. Contain then matches the applicant with suitable lenders from our pool of over 30 options, which includes reputable banks and specialist equipment lessors.
  3. Offer Presentation and Lender Connection: Contain presents initial offers to the applicant and connects them with the most suitable lender.
  4. Ongoing Support and Completion: Throughout the process, the Contain team offers assistance, and is compensated through a fee included in the lease.

Some other info that you might find helpful:

  1. Type of Equipment Funded: Contain facilitates leasing for a wide range of farm equipment typically found in controlled environment agriculture, like vertical farms, greenhouses, or container farms. We work with over 70 equipment manufacturers, and the process is expedited for equipment sourced from these vendors. Additionally, Contain can assist in finding funding for pre-owned equipment.
  2. Types of Grows Funded: Contain supports a variety of agricultural endeavors, from growing leafy greens, herbs, and mushrooms to non-food crops like active ingredients for pharmaceuticals, with the exception of cannabis.
  3. Clientele Diversity: Contain’s client base is diverse, including startups, beginning farmers, ranchers, greenhouse growers, and those looking to expand existing operations. We also work with non-profit farms and business owners diversifying into farming.