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How Contain Works with Lenders
Contain enables banks and private creditors to lend to indoor farmers by working with a pool of more than 30 lenders that range from small boutique specialist leasing firms through to one of the country’s largest agriculture banks.  Here’s how we can help lenders:

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We Offer Qualified Referrals

Contain works with more than 70 farm equipment vendors that refer their clients to us.  Often, farmers have worked with equipment vendors to develop their farm plans over several months.  They come to Contain at the point where they are ready to build their farms.  The farmers that we work with have diverse profiles, from startup container farmers through to some of the most sophisticated and established indoor farmers.  Typically, clients are referred to no more than three lenders.

We Offer Client and Lender Support

While we never look to come between a lender looking to lend to indoor farmers and client, our experienced team is on hand to answer client questions and progress the deal.  We know that your expertise is in lending, not indoor agriculture, so we are always happy to answer your questions about greenhouse, vertical farming and container farming.  Our pre-owned equipment platform, Equipped, offers a comprehensive method of disposing of farm equipment and of evaluating the secondary market.

We Offer Industry Data

Our team has been in the indoor farming industry for a decade, and have built a database of industry insights and data.  We share a little of this publicly through our Insights platform, which offers  industry briefing papers, a custom indoor agriculture stock index, funding tracking and a buzz index.  The latter tracks the level of media attention that the industry receives over time.  Access is free with registration.  For lenders, we also share our observations from more than two years of operating a secondary equipment marketplace when it comes to secondary market values for vertical farm equipment and container farms.