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How Contain Works with Vendors

At Contain, we work with more than 70 greenhouse, vertical farm and container farm
equipment vendors, from small startups to some of the largest names in the industry to provide indoor farm equipment funding and more.
Here’s how we can help equipment vendors:

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We Help You Sell Faster

We know that one of the greatest challenges that farmers face is finding sufficient capital for their grows.  Contain can help you close deals faster by working with your clients to find indoor farm equipment funding with our pool of more than 30 lenders.  We do not demand exclusivity for financing, nor complex agreements.  Our team has been working in indoor agriculture for more than a decade, your clients will not need to explain the basics of their grows to us or lenders in our pool.  We specialize in vertical farming, container farming and greenhouse grow funding, and have seen all kinds of farms and client situations over the past decade, and that experience allows us to provide better service to your clients.  

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We Help You Market Your Products

Our vendors are featured in their own showcase page on our website.  It allows equipment manufacturers to highlight their offerings to greenhouse, vertical farm and container farm customers.  Our newsletters actively promote our vendors through things like blogs and briefing paper mentions.  Headed to a vertical farming tradeshow?  We have your back with custom marketing materials for your booth.

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We Share Industry Data and Insights

Our team has been in the indoor farming industry for a decade, and have built a database of industry insights and data.  We share information publicly through our Insights platform, which offers  industry briefing papers, a custom indoor agriculture stock index, funding tracking and a buzz index.  Access is free with registration, and you are welcome to use this vertical farm market data for your pitch decks and customer communications, with attribution to Contain.  

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