For Farmers
How Contain Works with Farmers
Contain has interacted with more than 1,000 indoor farmers,
from startup hoophouses through to the largest vertical farms. 
Here’s how we can help you start or sustain your farm:

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We Help You Find Leasing For Your Grows

If you’re looking for leasing for farmers, to start or expand your greenhouse, vertical farm or container farm business, we can help you with equipment leasing.  We have worked with startups, non-profits, businesses looking to expand into indoor farming, and established indoor farmers to help them find equipment leasing.  We work with more than 30 lenders to match you with the right choice for your situation.  The Contain team has been in indoor farming for a decade, you won’t need to explain the basics of your grow to us.

Start your journey by using our handy quiz to figure out your odds of obtaining financing through us and then drop us a line once you have your farm planned and ready to go.

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We Help You Buy and Sell Pre-Owned Farm Equipment

Equipped is our equipment marketplace where you can turn your unwanted farm equipment into cash.  You can list most types of farm equipment, from horticultural lighting, and HVAC to harvesters and seeders.

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to get into urban farming, picking up a container farm on Equipped is one way to go.  You can also make an offer or purchase equipment to add on to your farm, like grow racks or nursery equipment.  

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We Have Industry Data for your Pitch Deck

We know that venture capitalists and other investors like to see industry data in your pitch deck, and the Contain team has you covered.  We offer industry briefing papers, a stock index, funding tracking and a buzz index, all free with registration.

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