Hi! We're Contain Inc, an alternate finance company dedicated to the indoor agriculture industry. We work with growers using .

who we are

Contain Inc was founded by an indoor agriculture and investment industry veteran who noted that indoor growers lacked the financing options that their outdoor counterparts enjoyed. Our team has since expanded to include leasing and finance experts, all focused on improving access to finance for indoor growers.

what we offer

We currently offer lease financing for a wide range of indoor agriculture equipment, such as, automation, grow systems, container farms, greenhouse structures, LED lighting, controls, and HVAC. Through our relationship with InterWest Insurance, we offer indoor ag-friendly insurance.

who we work with

Contain Inc works with indoor growers using greenhouses, hoophouses, warehouses, plant factories and containers and funds clients from new startup farms through to multi-generational ones. We work with an awesome group of indoor agriculture equipment vendors and a growing list of lenders.

Some Indoor Ag Vendors We Work With

We’re fortunate to work with a wide range of indoor agriculture equipment vendors at Contain Inc, some of which are shown below. Don’t see your preferred vendor on the list? No problem! Drop us a line and we’d be happy to speak with them on your behalf.

How Contain Leasing Works

Looking for some basics on leasing automation equipment, LED lights, grow systems, HVAC & more for your indoor grow? Check out our one-minute video on Contain leasing.

45+ Indoor Ag Events

Industry events are a fun way to pick up indoor agriculture wisdom. With conference season in full swing, the Contain Inc thought it would be a great time to share our industry event listings with you. We look forward to talking indoor ag funding with you at events from Las Vegas to Singapore soon.

See Indoor Ag Events
Auto Insurance for Your Farm

In our latest FAQ video, our friend Tony Bruscia at Interwest Insurance outlines why & how you should insure your farm delivery van. All in under 2 minutes!