Indoor Farm Leasing - How We Work
Contain Inc. is dedicated to securing lease financing for indoor growers of all stripes. We help everyone from the smallest hoophouse to container farms, warehouse farms, and the most sophisticated greenhouses and vertical farms. We work with companies from startups planning their first grow to multi-generational majors looking at multi-site expansions. Our minimum lease size is typically around $50,000, and we do not have an upper limit. Our process is simple: complete a simple application and our team will work to find you funding.
Areas We Cover
Equipment: Alternate Energy, Automation Equipment, Container Farms, Controls Systems, Dehumidification Equipment, Greenhouse, Grow Systems, HVAC, LED & Sodium Lighting, Post Harvest Equipment

Crops: Alternate Proteins, CPG Ingredients, Fish, Insects, Leafy Greens & Herbs, Licensed Hemp, Mushrooms, Neutraceuticals / Pharma, Tomatoes & Other Veggies
Note: We don’t work with cannabis

Geographies: USA, Canada

How Does The Contain Process Work?
Give us a little information on your situation and we will arrange a call to get to know you and your farm better.  If you want to proceed with a free application, we will ask you to complete an application form and will match you to a few lenders from our pool of more than 30 options.  We work with lenders from reputable banks to specialist equipment lessors.  Next we will present you with initial offers and connect you with the lender that works best for you.  The Contain team is always around to lend a hand as you work through the process.  We take a fee on successful completion of the lease.
What Type Of Equipment Can You Fund?
If it’s a piece of farm equipment that you would find in a controlled environment agriculture environment, like a vertical farm, greenhouse or container farm, the odds are that Contain will be able to find leasing for it.  We work with more than 70 equipment manufacturers, your leasing process will be faster if you are sourcing equipment from one of these vendors.  We do work with some other equipment providers, and of course we can help you to find funding for pre-owned equipment sourced through our Equipped platform.
What Types Of Grows Do You Fund?
We work with all kinds of grows, from leafy greens, herbs, mushroom and other veggies, through to non-food crops, like active ingredients for pharmaceuticals.  The only exception is cannabis.  We mostly work with farmers in the US and Canada, but do have some coverage in Western Europe also.
What Kind Of Farmers Does Contain Work With?
Contain’s clients come from all walks of life and backgrounds.  We are one of the few firms that works with startups or beginning farmers.  We work with ranchers, greenhouse growers and other farmers looking to expand existing operations.  And we have worked with funding for non-profit farms and with business owners looking to add farming to their repertoire.