About Us

Contain Inc, founded by indoor agriculture and investment management veteran Nicola Kerslake, is a hub for the indoor agriculture industry.  Its mission is to maximize access to the controlled environment agriculture industry for farmers and future farmers.  The Company is backed by private investors and graduated from the 2019 Techstars Farm to Fork program, backed by Cargill and Ecolab.

In the past, breaking into the vertical farm industry or scaling as a newcomer, entrepreneur, or smaller player was a challenge due to lack of financing options.  Leveraging the data-driven insights captured in a decade of working in indoor agriculture, Contain is accelerating the industry’s growth by lowering the cost of capital for all indoor farmers. Today, indoor farmers can find lease financing with a single application through Contain.  We match farmers with lenders so that they can arrange leases.  Leases start at a minimum of around $75,000 and can cover anything from a small hoop house to container farm, warehouse farm, or the most sophisticated greenhouse, vertical farm or plant factory. We work with more than 70 equipment vendors, and more than 30 lenders.

In addition to financing, Contain, Inc. operates Equipped, a marketplace for the sale and purchase of pre-owned indoor farm equipment. The AI-powered marketplace is dedicated to providing affordable and sustainable solutions for indoor farmers looking for quality equipment. With easy listing management and secure transactions through payment partners, farmers can find the right equipment with ease, while sellers have access to a large pool of interested buyers.

Contain, Inc. also offers insights and data on indoor agriculture, greenhouse, and container farm funding and stock market trends through our Insights platform. Our Buzz Index and white papers provide valuable information for farmers, vendors, and lenders looking to keep up-to-date with industry data and insights on the factors driving the indoor farming sector. By keeping an eye on controlled environment agriculture trends and insights, Contain is committed to supporting a more sustainable and thriving indoor farming industry.