Can my firm join Contain’s vendor list?

Sure!  Contain works with established third party equipment vendors.  You can apply to join our vendor list here.

How do we work with Contain as a lender?

Drop us a line here and we will tee up a call to discuss your underwriting requirements.

Do I have to work with a Contain vendor to obtain financing through you?

No, we can work with any established third party vendor or distributor.  It will be faster for you to work with one of our existing vendors as we already have their details on hand.

Can you finance used or pre-owned equipment?

Yes!  And you can even source pre-owned equipment through Contain’s Equipped platform.

Does Contain work with startups or beginning farmers?

Yes!  If you are a startup or beginning farmer, it will be helpful if you can demonstrate sources of funds that will sustain your business until you are up and running.

What types of grows do you fund?

We work with all kinds of grows, from leafy greens, herbs, mushroom and other veggies, through to non-food crops, like active ingredients for pharmaceuticals.  The only exception is cannabis.  We mostly work with farmers in the US and Canada, but do have some coverage in Western Europe also.

What kinds of equipment do you find funding for?

If it’s a piece of farm equipment that you would find in a controlled environment agriculture environment, like a vertical farm, greenhouse or container farm, the odds are that Contain will be able to find leasing for it.  We work with more than 70 equipment manufacturers, your leasing process will be faster if you are sourcing equipment from one of …

Can I talk with someone about my leasing needs?

Of course!  Drop us a line through our contact form and we’ll tee up a call.  The more information you can give us ahead of time, the better we can help you!

How does Contain’s leasing process work?

Give us a little information on your situation and we will arrange a call to get to know you and your farm better.  If you want to proceed with a free application, we will ask you to complete an application form and will match you to a few lenders from our pool of more than 30 options.  We work with …